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Eighteen Candles

Like I said in the previous post with the big balloon, I would share my birthday with my 9 followers. (Yay! Nine Followers!) It would be really awesome if I … Continue reading

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The Big One Eightski

Today is my 18th birthday. I won’t be 18 until 9:49 PM, but who can wait that long to celebrate? Not me! I’m having eight people coming over to celebrate … Continue reading

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I am 18 Hear Me Roar

The title says all   It is 2:10 in the morning, and I guarantee mom will flip. But hey, you only live once? I spent the night skyping with my … Continue reading

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This Laptop is Burning My Thighs

Good News to those who read and liked my last post! It’s official. I finally have my own laptop. And it’s kinda burning my thighs. Not real literal burns, don’t … Continue reading

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The laptop that never fell into my lap

My day in a nutshell: After a long day of Best Buy with nerdy Jonathan and Dad groaning about the price and Mom’s stomach churning, we came home with nothing … Continue reading

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June 25th is a date of infamy. It should of started out like any other day: piping hot breakfast served in the morning by Mama, Dad watching TV on our … Continue reading

July 20, 2013 · 1 Comment

(Almost) Freshman 15

Dear my fellow followers  (or anyone who happened to pass by), I am almost a graduate of my high school. WHICH ROCKS.    And no matter what, I am going … Continue reading

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