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This Laptop is Burning My Thighs

Good News to those who read and liked my last post! It’s official. I finally have my own laptop. And it’s kinda burning my thighs. Not real literal burns, don’t get up and grab the phone, but these homs are getting toasty.

It is a Toshiba something or other with Windows 8 and it’s.. weird. I’m not accustomed to the format, but change is a good thing right? This computer was $320, the cheapest of the three considered. But it has 6 GB of storage and a large RAM that I can’t remember but Ben at Office Depot said it was a good deal and a great RAM. Which is a bit funny because VCU’s mascot is a Ram. (this is where you laugh.)

It’s weird typing in my room, not on my teeny tablet but with a nice keyboard. The one thing I hate about this keyboard is that it doesn’t have larger touchy things below F and J so I can set my fingers to type how I learned in Keyboarding class. Maybe I’ll put obnoxiously bright dots on F and J so I know that’s the starting placement for my fingers.

I’m glad I finally have a laptop though. I’d been wanting one since 6th grade. And I paid for it with my own money (thank you friends and family who gave me graduation money!) I had never held that big of a cash wad and I felt really successful. Until I gave it all to Ben in exchange for the computer ( and I’m pretty sure that’s as much money that he has held at once too.)

In the end, it doesn’t really matter. But seriously, I’m stoked.


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