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Eighteen Candles

Like I said in the previous post with the big balloon, I would share my birthday with my 9 followers. (Yay! Nine Followers!) It would be really awesome if I had 18 followers on my 18th birthday. Anywho, my day.

Overall, eight people came. 6 girls and 2 boys. I think that’s my first  Never mind that. It is my second party with boys at it. But the first didn’t really count. It was a boy/girlfriend party, back when we all had one.

At first, Only two guests came a bit early and we played card games. Then more guests started pouring in. By 5:05 we had all of guests. I think I’m an awkward host, so when everyone was standing there and stared at me for instructions, I ran to my room and brought out Last Word (scattegories but talking) and everyone played. Then dinner was ready: burgers and dogs on the grill, with a greek cucumber tomato onion, and mac&cheese that my mom totally rocked. We watched Eddie’s Million Dollar Cook-Off on Disney XD. Being 18, it was extremely nostalgic for all of us. I kept comparing Eddie to my best friend’s brother. If you haven’t seen the movie, it’s about a kid who plays rec baseball and he has to take some cooking class because his grades are low or something like that and his baseball tournament and cooking competition are on the same day and he has to choose.

So after the movie and the eats, we had cupcakes with the best frosting ever. COOL WHIP FROSTING. Let me just say it again. Cool Hwip. Nuff said.

Then we go outside and have a sportsravaganza. Ping-Pong and Basketball and Scooters and Sit and Bounces and Bikes and Swirly chairs, don’t forget those. I took many pictures and will be uploaded to facebook even though everyone will say they look ugly.

We had ice cream and melted wax cake, the candles melted into the cake. Then as the guests slowly diminished and we were left with two people. My friend’s boyfriend wanted to play our Digimon game for Playstation 1. (that game is so rocking by the way. We’ve had it for like 10 years or whenever It came out, we’ve had it that long.) We played a couple rounds and had a great time. Then they had to leave and my cat, Dodger, hopped in their car and sat in the driver’s seat.

Silly cat, come home, you’re drunk.


But what really bugged me was that it was my birthday party. My 18th birthday party. 18 is a big year. So now that that is known, why did I get 2 presents out of the 7 people who came? (best friend and brother shared gift) I don’t know why people are so forgetful. Do people just walk into other’s houses for chips and cake? And no one else gave a card. Who doesn’t give a card? That is just wrong. ITS A BIRTHDAY PARTY, AT LEAST GIVE ME A damn CARD. I get people presents. Every time. Can’t come empty handed, that’s frowned upon. Or at least was. Kind of a rip-off.

My dad scored me four tickets to the Parachute concert in town. Everyone’s eyes lit up when they heard the news. But none of them gave me a present for my 18th birthday, so why should I gift them?


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