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To Ask or Not To Ask…

As Hamlet utters his famous words “To be or not to be,” He questions a life worth living. Should he live or die? Should he stay or should he go? … Continue reading

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March Madness for my Muscles

I started a workout as my New Year’s Resolution, and as most people do, I fell out of it.  I began my workout late on January 6th and continued for … Continue reading

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The senses of May 25th

It’s so close. I can hear the cheer of the senior class, the loud, grumbly noise of the band instruments, the parents sobbing as their child takes one step closer … Continue reading

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Finally Permitted

After a year.. of being able to get my permit, I finally have it.  I took the Drivers Ed course in 10th grade. Is it sad I’m a Senior and … Continue reading

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Glamorous Sweeps!

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Glamorous Sweeps!

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Birthday Wishes

I turned 17 today. Yesterday was my last first day of high school. Spending my senior year as a seventeen year old. I am officially obliged to subscribe and read … Continue reading

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